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Courtesy Pay

Federal regulation changes are changing the way all financial institutions handle overdrafts that result in a fee for ATM and one-time debit transactions. These changes were effective July 1, 2010 for current members. This will not affect overdraft protection you have set up to transfer from a savings account or line of credit/loan overdraft.

Our cardholders can "opt in" or "opt out" of Courtesy Pay for ATM and one-time debit transactions. If you opt in, you will continue to be covered by Courtesy Pay, which pays your overdrafts up to the limit of your checking account for a fee of $28.00 per overdraft. If you opt out or simply don't respond to our communication, any ATM or one-time debit transaction that causes your account to overdraft will be denied.

Only you can decide if a fee is worth avoiding the embarrassment and inconvenience of having your purchase denied at the point of sale or to have funds available at the ATM in case of an emergency. Click HERE to sign up now or contact a member service representative.